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MasterSource Speaker Cable

NSMT MasterSource speaker cable

I t    l e t s   y o u r   l o u d s p e a k e r s   c o m e   a l i v e!


"it sounds excellent! ...extra punch and crispness... but with a more solid bottom end..."

"NSMT loudspeakers has come come out with another winner.
Honda6, Audiogon review

"it sounds excellent! ... Definitely a great match for the Canoe -  gives me that extra punch and crispness that I like, but with a more solid bottom end than the silver-plated copper I was using before."

"The MasterSource speaker cable makes for an excellent match with the NSMT modified Lepai amp... The cables bring the NSMT Lepai amp that much closer to a tube amp. I noticed improved tonal color, increased dynamics, more of a metallic sound, as well as slight gains in purity and transparency."

Honda6, Audiogon review

"Just wanted to let you know that the MasterSource speaker cables are sounding great. Soundstage is deeper than the other cables I was using - which were very high-end priced cables. Thank you for a great product."

(Customer, head of Lundval Mastering Company)

How do you make these cables? They 're amazing. They offer really low resistance. I am using a 6.5 watt Single ended tube amp, and these sound better than Monster cables and the 30 year old MIT MI-750 cables I have.  Separation and imaging is also so much better.



NSMT MasterSource loudspeaker cables are made from multi-strand OFC copper wire with a rope orientation that improves low bass punch and definition, improves the definition of the soundstage, and reproduces high frequencies with crispness and detail.

We provide the cables with silver soldered bare wire termination or optional crimped on deluxe gold plated banana plugs on both ends.

Cables are available in 4 foot , 6 foot, and 8 foot length pairs.

Item Price
8 foot pair 125.95
termination (Deadbolt banana plugs) 24.95
shipping and handling in the US 9.95